Bogus Basin Forest Plan


Dwarf mistletoe disease and Douglas-fir bark beetles are ganging up on Douglas fir trees at Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area,
killing large numbers of trees next to groomed runs and in off-trail backcountry areas.
The forest disease and bark beetle outbreaks are causing a forest health crisis and a public safety issue at Bogus Basin.
The Boise National Forest has crafted a four-point plan to address the problem.
Part of the plan is to remove diseased trees from the area, remove hazard trees and plant a new forest.
But there will be some short-term impacts to skiers and riders in the winter, and summer recreationists.
This informational and educational video was produced to give Bogus Basin visitors and Treasure Valley
residents a head’s up about the forest health problem and what can be expected to occur over the next couple of years.

For more information, contact the Mountain Home Ranger District at 208-587-7961.

Informational Video



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