snooploop4:16Pick a trail, just about any trail in the Boise Foothills, and chances are, SWIMBA has had a hand in building, maintaining, or funding it. See the list below for a rundown of just how far SWIMBA’s reach has extended throughout the Treasure Valley. Or, learn about current and ongoing trail projects here.



Ada/Eagle Bike Park

  • Snoop Loop trail for children (design & constructed 2016 )
  • Junkyard Trail (trail tread maintenance and lopping)
  • Twisted Sister (trail tread maintenance)
  • D’s Chaos (trail tread maintenance)
  • Donate funds for the Eagle Park BMX for sod


Bogus Basin

  • Mahalo II (spring 2017)
  • $5000.00 grant match for Around the Mountain trail
  • Mahalo (design, construction, and annual maintenance)
  • Shindig (lopping)
  • Tempest (construction and lopping)
  • Deer Point (logging, construction, and lopping)
  • Shafer Butte (design and construction)
  • Eastside
  • DB
  • Sinker Creek
  • Mr. Big


Lower Foothills Trails

  • Hull’s Gulch 2016 (mitigated cupping on trail tread)
  • Peggy’s Trail 2015 (constructed 3/4 mile of trail)
  • Shane’s Loop (construction and maintenance)
  • Buck Tail (maintenance)
  • Rock Island (flagged and built in partnership with Ridge to Rivers)
  • Watchman (SWIMBA provided grant to Ridge to Rivers)
  • Fat Tire Traverse (SWIMBA provided grant to Ridge to Rivers)
  • Seaman’s Gulch (flagged and built with Ridge to Rivers and REI)
  • Hull’s Gulch (adopted by SWIMBA for annual maintenance)
  • Bob’s Trail (reroutes from Tending the Foothills project)
  • Red Cliffs (water and rut repair before reroutes were completed)
  • Lower Tram Cliffs (reroute flagging and construction)
  • Upper Central Ridge (construction)
  • Kestrel (drainage construction)
  • Scott’s Trail (rut repair and water bar maintenance)



  • Built crib wall on Spring Valley Creek ( fall 2014)
  • Shoots & Ladders (2014 design, construction)
  • Spring Valley Creek (annual lopping)
  • Broken Horn (annual lopping, trail tread repair)
  • Harlow’s Hollow (design, construction, and 2011 annual maintenance)
  • Shooting Range (design, construction, 2014 constructed reroute, 2011-12 annual maintenance)
  • Willow Creek (rerouted beginning of trail, bridge installation, annual maintenance)
  • Boneyard (reroute 2013)
  • Bovine Nirvana (bridge installation, 2013 added equestrian bypass)
  • Lombard (2012 design, construction)

Hidden Springs

  • Red Tail Lookout
  • Currant Creek (2011 reroute)

Wilson Creek

  • Echo Canyon
  • 80 miles of new designated trails
  • New W-250 segment
  • Provided assistance with mapping routes and NEPA process

Additional and Future Projects

  • Wewukiye Trail Warm Lake Valley County Idaho
  • Proposed Lakeview Trail at Lucky Peak
  • Alder Creek Trail Garden Valley Idaho
  • $20K donation for the Ada/Eagle Bike Park
  • Eagle Cycle/Velo Park (trail building and sprinkler system)
  • $20K donation to Land Trust of the Treasure Valley for Harrison Hollow purchase
  • Graham Mountain Trail (bridge building, maintenance)
  • Coyote Rock/Bogus Drop
  • Daggett Creek (trail reroute out of creek bottom)
  • Sweet Pea

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