Trail Projects


SWIMBA has been serious about expanding mountain biking opportunities in SW Idaho since the dawn of the sport’s age in Boise.

Pick a trail, just about any trail in the Boise Foothills, and chances are, SWIMBA has had a hand in building, maintaining, or funding it. In the early days, SWIMBA was involved in building Shane’s Trail, Trail #1 (Corrals connector), Redtail and Sidewinder. More recently, SWIMBA contributed funds to local favorites like the Watchman Trail and Fat Tire Connector. Up in the Bogus Basin area, SWIMBA’s trail crew has built a series of cool, challenging trails with freeride features such as Eastside, DB, Mr. Big, and Mahalo, while contributing labor to some new smoothies like Deer Point, and funds for the development of the brand new Around the Mountain trail. (See a full list here.)

Quite simply, SWIMBA’s trail crew rocks big-time! We’ve got visionary, energetic and creative trail bosses who love to flag new trails and work with volunteers to build them. In addition to the new ST-240 (a singletrack specific trail building machine), we’ve even got our own trail crew, mountain bike, and Bob Trailer set up for hauling tools to the work site.

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Here are a few of our completed and ongoing projects:

Stack Rock / Bogus Trail System

Wewukiye Trail System

BLM Trail Projects

Clear Creek Trail System